I’ve been a writer since my first short story in Miss Tatum’s second grade class. My best friend is responsible for my having to read it in front of my classmates. Afterwards, I threw it in the trash on my way outside to be sick.

I hope things have improved since.

More recently, my garden articles have appeared in many of the regional publications of the State-by-State Gardening Publisher, including Tennessee Gardener and Georgia Gardening; my essays in Green Prints and various local publications.sam_1175.jpg


And, over the past few years I’ve written a book about the people, the animals and, of course, the plants that made up my days at The Herb of Grace – my nursery, my former life. It’s not so much a memoir as an account of a lot of good times and blessed friendships. I’ve turned over the last page, I think, and now must see if I can find it a home. For right now, I’m calling it Growing Grace. I’ll let you know.