I owned a small specialist nursery, The Herb of Grace, for a lot of years, been in the business of plants, one way or another,  for more than thirty – propagating, potting, pruning, watering, nurturing. From the beginning I have worked with nature, figuring there is no better partner. That means – no herbicides, no pesticides, no fungicides, no poisoning the earth in anyway. I have loved green and growing things as long as I can remember.  From the time I sat in a field of wild pinks waiting for my brother to come home from school, I have been passionate about the world outside.

Watching gardeners, I’ve witnessed the human need for the sun on black dirt, the rain on parched soil and a garden in which to toil.

Educated in the science of horticulture and the art of practical gardening, I’ve learned a few things. I like the writing, the talking, the teaching about gardens, about horticulture, so I’m for hire – your place or mine.

Sample of Recent Workshops:

Gardening for Wildlife – Elements, Plant Selection & the Art of “Messy Gardening”

The Romance of Old Roses – History, Design, Culture & Uses

The Garden in Winter – Life & Death in the Garden: Plants, Pruning, Clean-up or Not

Design – Build on the Bones – Trees, Shrubs and Artifice for Structure

It’s the best workshop I’ve ever attended, especially the tea and cakes.” Patty N.

If this was my garden I’d never leave.”   Marilyn C.

Please contact me for information about workshops, garden talks or individual garden consultations.


Garden Closed the months of July & August.

“The joy of learning,∼ the sequestered nooks,∼  and all the sweet serenity∼ of books.   

                                                                                                             Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
                                              “A book is like a garden carried in the pocket” – Chinese Proverb

                                   Just a few of my favorite gardening books:

The Morville Hours by Katherine Swift
Native Plants of the Southeast by Larry Mellichamp, photos Will Stuart
The Gardens of Arne Maynard by Arne Maynard, photos William Collinson
A Southern Garden by Elizabeth Lawrence
Natural Selection: a year in the garden by Dan Pearson
Chasing the Rose – an adventure in the Venetian countryside by Andrea di Robilantlibrary_6
and Lab Girl by Hope Jahren      “I learned more about trees from this scientist writer than from  many another book and loved her voice.”         Bobbie
And the best gardening magazines out there. (In my humble opinion)
Garden Design  ∼   Gardens Illustrated   ∼  English Garden  ∼  Hortus   ∼ Country Gardens
 And more “other” magazines:
Southern Farm & Garden  ∼  Okra  ∼   Victoria   ∼  Good Grit